Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Summer Road Trip

I'm super late, but here's some pics from our road trip this summer! We started in Kansas to be with John's family, then drove to Ohio to meet my family at the lake, and finished up in Indiana at my parents house. Right before the trip, we made the BIG switch to a mini van and I'm telling you, it changed my life... at least my life during long road trips  =)   (And this was with just 2 kids!)

Silliness with Uncle Grant
Kate wanted to watch a show... which means all 3 kids will eventually be watching a show   =) 
A break from work for important story time 
Magician Kate making Grant "re-appear"
Heart to heart with Uncle Grant
Brooke & Grant wanted to "help" Grandpa get the mail


Brooke having some road rage

At the lake house... lots of this cuteness was captured
Like this
And this
Kate's very focused on being careful  =)
Ready to swim!

Brooke cheering Sydney & Emily on
Crazy girls tackling Emily & Paul to the ground

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