Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trip to Branson

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Branson, MO with the Shaida family.  I had never been to Branson, and it was so fun!  We saw some great shows and managed to find some great shopping, too  =)  
Kate loves shopping 
A dinner show - the Dixie Stampede
They had corn on the cob, which Kate kept herself busy with
Saying hi to the horseys after the show

Riding the train to a mini-golf course
Kate putting a public course golf ball into her mouth.  Ick. 
A very tired little girl, not wanting to miss out on any of the action

Eating at a fun diner where the wait staff are all professional singers
Borrowing Grandma's glasses
I borrowed a pair, too

Between the shows and all our stops, Kate had lots of people to entertain her... which really is such a blessing!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Going to the Pool

We took Kate to our clubhouse pool recently... trying to squeeze out the last of our summer weather! 

Let's go, Mommy!
It was Kate's first time playing in the splash fountain
She loved it!  Even though she looks slightly scared here
She did NOT love when we took her away from the fountain, to get in the pool, however 
Happy once again
Watching Daddy grill up our hamburgers
This girl loves her burgers!
See what I mean?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daddy makes everything more fun!

Pushing the stroller is much more fun than riding
Bubbles are lots more fun inside a kiddie pool with a huge wand
Daddy's belt?
...immediately transfers Kate into a lumberjack
(her lil belly helps the look, too)
Daddy can turn a simple headband...
...into a handy blindfold!

And oh, what he can do with a tennis ball and our roof:

Look at her face   =)    Daddy's SO FUN!

(Kate's classic move anytime she has a ball... throwing it behind her head)