Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I've been asked to post some "belly pics".  I just can't quite get used to this.  People asking about my belly, wanting to see my belly, me taking pictures of my belly.... this is the thing you spend your life trying to hide with Spanx and flowy tops right??

Anyway, I'm being told I'll regret it later if I don't have pictures to show my belly growing.  Not actually sure that would happen to me, but just in case... here's a few pics.

Week 20:  Me with my sis, Cindi!  This was Thanksgiving and she was an adorable 9 months pregnant
Week 24:  At Christmas!
Week 27:  Starting my 3rd trimester and baby girl is a'poppin out

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wheel... of... Fortune!

So I'm a BIG Wheel of Fortune fan... kind of an embarrassing personal fact. Nonetheless, I love it. So while we were in California for John's cousin's wedding this Fall, we popped in at The Wheel. (that's what all insiders call it, you know.)  So we got to sit in for 1 session which actually consisted of 3 separate shows. The shows aired a couple weeks ago and I was shocked to see that we were all on camera!!!  I kept shouting out answers to all the puzzles so I think they were impressed and wanted me on camera. (Ok for real though... there was a lady in the audience who seriously would yell out the puzzle once she figured it out. Which of course they told us we could NOT do. The show workers kept yelling at her... and she'd clamp her hand over her mouth to try and contain her outbursts.  Thankfully she finally got the hang of keeping her realizations to herself.)

So here's a couple of clips showing our prime time debut!  In the first one you'll see the camera scroll over the audience and we're in the front row... John's brother, me, John and his dad and mom. Then the next one, they show the contestant's family and John and I are sitting directly to the right of them.  :)

Next time you see me on The Wheel, I'll hopefully be a contestant. I'll probably have lost each round and they'll give me $1000 as a parting gift... which will pay for my travel.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nursery Bedding

We've picked out the bedding for our nursery!  I love it because it's girly without shouting PINK at you.  Aaaaand there's multiple colors in the bedding set, so we have lots of options for paint and decorating.  

Here's a pic of the set together

But we're actually using this crib -I like the straight edges on this one

Here's a close up of the quilt...

... and of the sheet & bumper (there's lil trees and owls printed on the sheet)

I've started gathering ideas for the rest of the nursery, but haven't really finalized it yet.  I'll post them once I do though!

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!

We had an ultrasound before the holidays and got to find out that we are having a GIRL!!!!!!  (John and I both thought it was a girl from the moment we found out I was pregnant - which is so crazy.)  The ultrasound went on quite awhile with the tech convinced we weren't going to be able to see the gender that day... baby had her legs bunched up and she wouldn't move for anything.  I actually got up and walked around a bit to try and get her to move... and it worked!  When we looked again, we saw right away it was a girl.  I got really emotional and excited... John too.  Knowing she's a baby girl and not just an "it" made things (and her) feel so real.  The ultrasound tech left and John looked at me with a huge grin on his face - but then got kind of serious and whispered "I don't know anything about raising a girl".  :D  I laughed and assured him that I do - that's what makes this so great and why God created families the way He did.

We're looking at girl names... oh my gosh, so much pressure!  We had the boy name all set - he'd be John Hamilton Shaida, IV.  But I didn't really have anything in mind for a girl, so we're starting from scratch.  Have you looked through one of those baby name books???  Ughhhhhh.  My eyes start crossing and everything sounds the same after about 5 mins (which is long enough to get through about 1/3 of ONE LETTER of the alphabet).

I actually did have one baby girl name that I've liked for awhile... Ella.  That was until I said it with our last name.  Ella Shaida.  ellashaida.  Say it out loud, quickly.  ellashaida.  I think it sounds like one long foreign name.  So we keep looking...

Here's a few ultrasound pics!

Her profile... she's looking at her lil hand   :)

Kicking her feet out

Waving at us