Friday, February 3, 2017


As the kids get older, we're trying to build holiday traditions and captures lots of memories... here's some pics of a few of our December moments as a family!

Decorating the tree! 

As I rearrange the tree lights, Kate decides to sit down and warm her hands by them (haha)

Just a few of my gifts under the tree... 

Holiday craft time, just Daddy & Kate

A yummy Christmas breakfast (and the girls making their silly faces)

Followed by The Grinch, of course!

Off to see Santa!

And even mail his letter from Kate

Seeing Kate's Christmas program at school... (that moment when your kid spots you in the crowd of parents = priceless)

Making Christmas cookies to deliver to the neighbors


We had such a wonderful November filled with lots of family time (and Johnny introductions!)...

My sister Christi came out to visit, and meet Johnny for the first time - I think she had plans to sneak him home in her suitcase  =)

The morning of Johnny's dedication at church - which we were able to schedule while Christi and John's family were in town!

Next was a visit to Kansas to introduce Johnny to Smith (Grant and Addie's newest addition)

Smith checking Johnny out... they're only 9 days apart!

Older siblings Kate, Grant & Brooke all taking care of their "babies"

Grandpa story time with Brooke

MorMor cuddles, which apparently is the perfect occasion for a fancy dress-up hat

Then it was onto Indiana for Thanksgiving week! We celebrated being together back in my parents house... thanking God for his safety and faithfulness to us as a family (their house fire took place one year ago and made for a very different kind of Thanksgiving last year)

And everyone there got to meet Johnny! Including these sweet boys who are such good big cousins...

See what I mean?

Sydney loved Baby Johnny too

But it was probably PaPaw who got in the most cuddles  =)

Gramma stole him occasionally, and even got some grins!

Anybody else ever spend hours trying to get a stuck drone out of a tree???

Annie & I with the kiddos... I wasn't feeling good, so I spent lots of Thanksgiving Day resting on the couch  =(

Happy Thanksgiving!