Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brooke's Arrival

Here's some more pictures from our hospital visit and trip home!
Brooke Madeline Shaida

Introducing the sisters... Kate was excited, but very tentative!

She brought Brooke a book, and Sophie the Giraffe... one of her favorites when she was a baby
Our first family picture!  Kate's left hand cracks me up  =)  
Loved her instantly...
My momma... a relationship that's grown even more since I've become a mom 
Bath time... look at that hair!
Kate had the exact same full head of dark hair when she was born

Our amazing family... Grandma & Grandpa Shaida, Uncle Grant & Aunt Addie, Great Grandpa, Grandma & Grandpa Holm were all there to welcome Brooke

The next day... getting baby sister dressed
Ready to go home!
All bundled up - thanks to Grandma Shaida who made this adorable blanket for Brooke!
Our sweet girls... 

Baby Brooke is here!

Hi family & friends! As you've probably heard, Brooke Madeline Shaida was born on Friday, January 9th at 2:23pm. She weighed 8lbs and 1oz and was 19in long. The delivery went very smooth! Kelly was induced that morning and Brooke was here several hours later (after just 3 pushes!).

We actually went home the next afternoon since Brooke and Kelly were both doing so well.  And we're all doing great!  Brooke is such a perfect addition to our family. And Kate loves her new baby sister, even though the attention span for her can be pretty short =)

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers! We have felt incredibly blessed by you. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Girl is Coming!

Well after being in early labor for almost 2 weeks, we've decided to induce tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7am.  Our second baby girl will be here soon and we are so very excited!!! We'll post an update and pictures soon... love to you all!

Me and baby at 37 weeks, which was 3.5 weeks ago: 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas at home this year!  John's parents came out to be with us, since we couldn't travel because of baby, and Great Grandpa was with us as well.  We missed the rest of the Shaida family but it was nice to have quality time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Kate got pleeeeenty of undivided attention!

Kate exchanging gifts with her BFF Mabry on Sunday morning - look how excited Mabry is  =)

Mabry gave Kate a photo book with some pictures of their fun memories together - too cute!

Time to make cookies!  Kate loves to bake and "do it like a big girl"
Decorating the cookies with Mor-Mor... the most fun part
Christmas Eve! Reading the Christmas Story before we open gifts
Helping Mommy open a present... "oh! so cool Mom!!"

She was equally excited about her own gifts   =)   

Jamming out with Grandpa!

Christmas Morning and time to look in our stocking 

Showing off our new bunny slippers, and pie game

Enjoying our "beautiful cookies" 

Making popcorn with Daddy to snack on while we watch Christmas movies 

Enjoying the snow!  We didn't have much and it wouldn't really pack... so Daddy built a snowman head for Kate, which was just fine with her cuz she still got to put in a carrot nose and stone eyes 

LOVING our new sled
Such a happy girl!

And of course, making snow angels... 

Big Girl Haircut

Kate got her first real haircut at a great kids salon. She got to sit at the princess station which initially was very exciting... but it turned a bit scary when mom stepped back to let the haircut begin.

A pretty princess!

Such a big girl

All finished! And clinging to our fruit snacks =)

They had plenty of great toys to play with which we definitely took advantage of afterwards

Getting Ready for Christmas

We sure had fun preparing for Christmas this year! Kate was super excited about every little thing... the lights, our tree, her manger scene, Rudolph, candy canes (pronounced kahn-dee canes), all of it. Christmas with kiddos is a new, wonderful world  =)

Putting the star on our tree

Making sure everything is just right!

Grandma Shaida got us these glasses that make the lights look like snowflakes - Kate LOVED them

Supposed to be napping, but pretending to be Mary instead "oh hi baby Jesus, I'm your mommy!"

Our clubhouse put on a breakfast with Santa and we took Kate. They had a craft, storytime, breakfast and of course Santa! Kate did much better with him this year, compared to last year  =) 

A little unsure, but Santa starting talking "Frozen" and that helped a lot

Trying to be brave

She was thrilled to get a gift bag afterwards!!

Playing with her goodies