Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2 Months Old

At 2 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • is much more alert now! He sits in his swing or bouncy seat watching his sisters run around, loving every minute
  • talks and coos like a champ - he and daddy have long conversations each night after the girls go to bed
  • enjoys bath time a bit more now... only screams at the very beginning and very end   =)
  • does great at tummy time - something his sisters always hated 
  • is such an easy grin! At times he'll be grinning at us while drinking his bottle and we'll have to ignore him so he'll stop leaking milk out of his mouth
  • weighs 10.5 lbs and is 22.5 inches long

I honestly didn't expect to absolutely adore Johnny like I do. I had only known girls and I just figured a boy was going to be different. But now that I'm a mama of a boy, I get it! It is different than girls, but in a wonderful, special way. This sweet little man has completely stolen my heart!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1 Month Old

At 1 Month Old, Johnny: 
  • is such a laid back baby... he's also very alert and already seems to like watching what's going on around him
  • loves the swing
  • hates having his diaper or clothes changed
  • doesn't mind noise at all... his sisters can squeal right next to him and he's unphased 
  • is a great sleeper - he often gets woken up to eat
  • weighs 9 lbs and is 21 inches long

Our sweet baby boy!

Johnny's First Weeks

This little boy has stolen our hearts!!! He is so easy going and chill. Although if it's time to change his clothes or give him a bath, he will prove to you that he has a good set of lungs. 

The girls are adjusting so well to their new baby brother! Kate enjoys being a big helper to mommy, which just makes her seem even more grown up... and Brooke ADORES Johnny. She's super into baby dolls right now, so she thinks this new "doll" mommy brought home from the hospital is pretty fun. =) 

It really seems like God has had a spot carved out in our family this whole time for Johnny. He just fits in perfectly...

First night in his cradle

First bath (both big sisters wanted to help!)

First Sunday going to church

First birthday party =)     Happy Birthday Daddy!

Great Grandpa & Johnny

Snuggles with MorMor

Having some deep conversations with Gramma

Grandpa (John Jr) helping calm Johnny (the 4th) while John (the 3rd) changes him

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Catch-up Pictures

Kate's first trip to Build-A-Bear... meet Pinky S. Bear!
Cuddles with my girls (and my very pregnant belly)
8+ Months Pregnant (my only belly picture the whole pregnancy... whoops)
Daddy walking his beautiful girls into church
So fancy!
Reading the Bible "with glasses like Hoppy" (Great-Grandpa)

John & I celebrated our 10th anniversary on August 4th... and while we were in South Bend visiting my family, he set up a little surprise for me. He took me on an scavenger hunt to 10 different spots where we had special, significant memories (our first date, where he proposed, my home church we were married in, etc) all with clues to the next location. We ended up in downtown Chicago where he even had a overnight bag packed!! So so adorable and romantic  =) 

The exact spot where we first met! John was a freshman at Notre Dame and I was helping with the Young Adults group at church. I drove a van to 3 local colleges, picking students up for church. This was the driveway where we picked up the ND students, and where I met John for the very first time   =)
Love him to pieces!
So this wasn't one of the 10 locations, but since we were already in Chicago... might as well have breakfast at my favorite Corner Bakery

Summer Road Trip

I'm super late, but here's some pics from our road trip this summer! We started in Kansas to be with John's family, then drove to Ohio to meet my family at the lake, and finished up in Indiana at my parents house. Right before the trip, we made the BIG switch to a mini van and I'm telling you, it changed my life... at least my life during long road trips  =)   (And this was with just 2 kids!)

Silliness with Uncle Grant
Kate wanted to watch a show... which means all 3 kids will eventually be watching a show   =) 
A break from work for important story time 
Magician Kate making Grant "re-appear"
Heart to heart with Uncle Grant
Brooke & Grant wanted to "help" Grandpa get the mail


Brooke having some road rage

At the lake house... lots of this cuteness was captured
Like this
And this
Kate's very focused on being careful  =)
Ready to swim!

Brooke cheering Sydney & Emily on
Crazy girls tackling Emily & Paul to the ground

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Time

We went to the pumpkin patch this year with some dear friends, the Tisthammers. The weather was perfectly Fall-y and we all had so much fun! Their oldest girl, Harper is right in between Kate and Brooke and they all play super well together. Baby Hayden and Baby Johnny are 6 months apart but I'm sure they'll jump right in soon enough  =)

Kate, Harper & Brooke
The sweet little Tisthammer Family

Bowling! While Baby Hayden looks on

Kate getting a workout
I think Brooke attempted to pick up every pumpkin she walked by

Happy Fall!