Friday, March 30, 2012


So our nursery is done!  Actually it's been done for about a week now, but I'm just getting around to posting the pics.  It's been a busy week!  We found out that I've started early labor so it looks like babygirl probably won't wait until April 17th to get here... whiiiiich I'm TOTALLY fine with.  So anyway, we've been doing all kinds of things this last week from working in the yard (aka, I watched John work in the yard from inside) to cleaning the house for company to making last-minute purchases on a few things we still needed for baby.  It's been a productive week!  And now we wait  :)

So here's the nursery!  I love being in there and dreaming of our baby girl... praying over her and her future.  Imagining John and I's lives changing drastically as we turn into a family, but so thankful for that change.  We are so excited to meet her and feel incredibly blessed to be entrusted with this life.  

View as you walk in the door - I love how much light comes in (thankfully we have wooden blinds on this window cuz the pompom sheers I made are just for cuteness)

Amazing glider and ottoman, lovingly reupholstered ($40 craigslist score) by Aunt Robbie and John's mom - they did such an amazing job! 

Accent table from Ikea (replaced the knob) with Target lamp and books all ready for bedtime

Wooden birdhouses from Michael's, painted by Daddy  :)

Tree and bird decals from Etsy - so much easier/cleaner than trying to paint something!

The crib!  Great Walmart buy paired with bedding from Pottery Barn Kids which we got from John's aunts and mom

The bedding is themed with trees, owls and birds (I know, I know.  Don't put the baby in the crib with a stuffed owl and a bumper pad.)

Floating shelves with some favorite items

The framed art I threw together with some scrapbook paper, buttons & a white frame we got from Ikea and then spraypainted

Opposite wall of the room

Print sent to us from my sister Cindi, with a verse I've held onto dearly for the past few years
Our "changing table" is just a dresser with a pad on top of it, which means we can continue to use it as a dresser long after diaper changing is done (we added knobs and storage bins for color)

Adorable quilt made by Aunt Robbie - love the colors

Ikea "Picture Ledges" being used as bookshelves... the perfect height for little hands to be able to reach someday and grab books from  :)

I just love the book collection we already have!  My sister Christi got us started with a bunch of my favorites, including "Charlie the Ranch Dog" by Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman

Precious owl clock made by Daddy - wooden cut out from Michael's that he spraypainted and then built a clock piece into

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bebe Shower!

Last weekend my friends threw an amazing baby shower for me.  One of my sisters flew out here for it, which was just icing on the cake to an INCREDIBLE day.  I was completely overwhelmed with allllll of the love (and simply details) that went into it!  I felt so honored and celebrated by my sweet friends. 

Side note - I had no idea about anything with the shower... what we were doing, what the theme was, nothing.  Which was so fun because I was completely surprised!  I offered to help with things multiple times, but of course, the girls said they had everything covered... and, did they ever.  I walked into Christy's house and may, or may not have started crying.  :)  The decorations, the food, the little activities - every detail was just so perfect and precious.

Ok so onto the pics - which by the way, are just another blessing.  My friend Kristen worked during my whole shower to take these fabulous pictures for me!  I love how she captured all the precious details of the shower, but also how much fun we all had together.  

(there's lots of pics so I just added them in groups... but you can click on any collage to see it larger)

On the left, the 3 amazing hostesses and greatest friends ever... Candace, Kaci & Christy
On the right, my sweet sister Christi from Indiana and my fabulous friend/photographer, Kristen

Adorable decorations everywhere!  Christy grabbed pics from my blog that I've been taking to show my growing belly and framed them throughout the house.  (And I LOVED the yarn pom-poms everywhere - can't imagine how much time Christy spent making those) 
Ohhhh the food.  The amazing spread included a menu, so we could see the heaven that we were all consuming.  (Why are IZZE soda cans with striped paper straws so darn cute???)
And the menu continued onto various tables in the house... assorted candies everywhere!  Big, fruity marshmallows, cotton candy, bright pink oreos, mini twizzlers, lollipops... so fun

First activity was for the guests to write a note of encouragement/advice for me (and of course grab a bag of homemade toffee-cinnamon popcorn as their party favor!  YUMMM)

Next activity was to write a note of blessing for the baby on these precious cut-out birdies... and then hang them on the tree  :)

Then this activity, I think is just genius.  Candace brought plain, pink burp cloths and onesies in various sizes... then  provided little colorful appliques for guests to iron on and create their own onesie and burpie for baby!

Kaci did a super cute and fun game for us... matching candy to a listing of alternative names.  For instance -  for Epidural? the answer was "LifeSaver" candy   :)

Soooo many wonderful, precious gifts - I really am so blessed

LOTS of laughs and hugs were shared... just love my friends...