Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Dressed Up!

Having a girl is so fun when it comes to clothes, accessories, and getting all dressed up.  I love it... and most of the time Kate does too.  

Try to ignore the fact that Kate is crying in this first picture.  She was informing me that she did NOT like these new sandals I had just bought.  Apparently because they go between her toes and that's not acceptable.  (Which would've been helpful to know before I bought them.)  Oh well  =)

Fun in the Kitchen

This girl has quite the obsession with the kitchen and every single thing in it.  We started out letting her play in all the cupboards... but after cleaning up dishes all day every day, we've since put a stop to that and introduced "Kate's Drawer".  

Here's some pics showing her fun discoveries:


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going to the Zoo

We went with some of our small group to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo last weekend.  It was a typical Fall day in Colorado... chilly, sunny and beautiful!

Our friend Anthony works at the zoo, and not only did he give us all free passes but he took us on a special tour of the Aquatics Center, where we got to feed the animals!!  It was so so cool.

Anthony and his black & white chicken
Trying to make an introduction... Kate wasn't too sure
Hi penguin!
Time for a feeding
The group watching the giraffes
Autumn sharing some of her lettuce with Kate...  
... and Mr. Giraffe (and his friend) were eager to grab it
Autumn showing Kate the skunk monkeys
Our friends are so sweet to Kate  =)

Hi zebra!
Anthony giving his Hippo Talk to the guests
We got to stay after and feed them!
Me feeding a beaver!
Such a beautiful day...

All Her Ducks in a Row

Kate loves her baby dolls, doggies, bunnies, etc.  She methodically piles them around her, taking care of each one... saying "awww" and picking them up to hug them.  She then moves to another spot, transporting them all, and repeats!  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Elephant

Kate was an elephant for Halloween  =)   I got the costume super cheap last year, hoping it would fit... and it did! 

Hi elephant!
Getting acquainted with her costume 
Pulling at her tail & saying uh-oh 

We made some stops around our neighborhood, then grabbed dinner and headed to Great Grandpa's house.  After the first couple of houses, Kate had the whole -walk to the door & get candy- thing, down pat.
Here, Mommy!
Our neighbor, Ian, introducing Kate to Nerds candy
Stopping at our clubhouse for hot cider... and more candy
Trick or Treat!
The elephant eating fried chicken
We're finally here, Grandpa!
All tuckered out...

Friday, November 1, 2013

First Library Visit

As Kate's love for books has grown (seriously... the girl her LOVES books), we figured we should take her to the library for the first time.  She's now a proud Pikes Peak Library District card holder!

Such a great children's area

Kate was a bit overwhelmed, but we found some favorites to check out

Enjoying her new stash in the car 

Look at that face!  So intent

Sharing frozen yogurt... perfect end to our night out


For John's birthday last month, his brothers (and sis-in-law!) surprised him with a visit! It was so fun being together for the weekend... and John was totally surprised, which made it even better. 

Kate sort of enjoyed herself too  =)

Tickles from Aunt Addie

Hamming it up with Uncle Robert

Dunkin Donuts! (Kate bit off more than she could chew)

Snugglin with Grant and Addie

Happy Birthday, Daddy!