Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Johnny's First Weeks

This little boy has stolen our hearts!!! He is so easy going and chill. Although if it's time to change his clothes or give him a bath, he will prove to you that he has a good set of lungs. 

The girls are adjusting so well to their new baby brother! Kate enjoys being a big helper to mommy, which just makes her seem even more grown up... and Brooke ADORES Johnny. She's super into baby dolls right now, so she thinks this new "doll" mommy brought home from the hospital is pretty fun. =) 

It really seems like God has had a spot carved out in our family this whole time for Johnny. He just fits in perfectly...

First night in his cradle

First bath (both big sisters wanted to help!)

First Sunday going to church

First birthday party =)     Happy Birthday Daddy!

Great Grandpa & Johnny

Snuggles with MorMor

Having some deep conversations with Gramma

Grandpa (John Jr) helping calm Johnny (the 4th) while John (the 3rd) changes him

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