Saturday, January 23, 2016

Then and Now

Here's some fun pics of Brooke and Kate in the same poses  =)  
I feel like they looked so similar as newborns but as they've grown, they've definitely become two very different girls... both in look and personality! 





This last one is actually both Kate! The first one was a bag John gave me for my birthday in 2012 when Kate was a few months old. The second one is him recreating the scene in June when he gave me another bag and put 3 year old Kate inside   =)

11 Months Old

I'm late posting this from last month =(   with our traveling I didn't get Brooke's 11 month pic taken on time, and then once we were home I was getting ready for a birthday party!  (Those pics are coming soon...) But regardless, here's my baby girl's 11 month update  =) 

Brooke brings SUCH joy to our home - from her funny faces to the way she mimicks her big sister. Daddy loves the way she belly laughs when he tickles her and I love the way she gets giddy every time I open her nursery door to get her out of the crib! We just adore her...

At 11 Months Old, Brooke: 
  • walks while holding onto things like furniture or the coffee table - even stands without holding onto anything for a few seconds!
  • crawls with crazy speed up the stairs - we're still working on coming back down carefully  =)
  • is getting more picky about foods.  She still likes her favorites, but isn't as willing to eat anything we give her now
  • favorite foods are now BANANAS (she went from hating them to loving them!), macaroni and cheese and strawberry yogurt 
  • wants to be wherever the party is - don't bother giving her a toy to play alone with if there's anyone nearby... she'll always come to find you!
  • says Dada a lot, and baba (bottle) too - still working on Mama
  • has a total of 8 teeth now! She basically went from 2 to 8 in a few weeks time

Love that belly!

Very serious about her crackers

The Elton John look

Her cute butterfly ears are perfect for holding crowns