Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Big Move

Well most of you know by now, but we have moved from Colorado Springs to Oklahoma City! John took a job with YouVersion (the company that makes the Bible application for smartphones, tablets, etc) and they relocated us to Edmond, OK where their central offices are. So in a very quick and chaotic few months we accepted a job, put our house up for sale (having lots of house showings with 3 young kids keeps you on your toes!), house hunted in Edmond - which led to deciding to build a house and rent an apartment for the summer, sold our CO house, packed up everything - storing half of it (thank you Grant & Addie!) and moving the other half into our 3 bedroom apartment. Needless to say, it's been quite the whirlwind of emotions! It was really hard to leave CO - the close friendships we had developed there, our wonderful church, John's great-grandpa, our neighborhood that we loved... but we know, without a doubt, that this is what God has for our family right now. And knowing that has led to such an excitement about this new journey! We're part of an amazing church here that is doing incredible things for God, we've been welcomed by lots of people eager to get us connected, and John is loving his new job - which is basically to help others engage God's Word more. 

So as difficult as change is at times, I'm so thankful God isn't interested leaving us where it's comfortable. Cuz I think He's got some great plans in store for us...  HERE WE GO!

Once last run through!
Leaving the empty house - you were so good to us

Here's some pics of various goodbye moments with our precious community in CO...

The Rae Family
Our neighbor Miss Bonnie
The Burch Family
The Guthrie Family
The Cooper Family

The Cox Family

And just one last goodbye hug from Mabry   =)
Our small group of four years hosted a wonderful last dinner for us, with these 3 dear families:
The Cartons
The Tisthammers

The Nelsons

And even though we'll get to see John's grandpa plenty... it was awful hard to say goodbye to Hoppy  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8 Months Old

At 8 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • is full on crawling EVERYWHERE, and is super fast (how did that evolve so quickly??? it's like he went from scooting around to speed crawling in a few days)
  • passes up all of his toys, in search of anything that his sisters play with
  • doesn't really care for bottles much, unless it's time for bed - otherwise he just wants food
  • thinks Kate is hysterical - she doesn't have to try very hard to get him belly laughing 
  • is getting long! He hasn't had a checkup, so I don't know exactly how tall he is - but his feet are almost hanging out of his car seat

Look at him eyeing those letters   =) 
He's super fast... unless he gets stuck in this position
Those cute red cheeks! (And the cuties in the background, too)
First time swinging!

A very rare instance of falling asleep in Mommy's arms... and I loved every minute