Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Seriously. How great is the internet?? We’re sitting on our friends’ couch the other night and somehow the topic of Lambert the Sheepish Lion comes up (a cute Disney cartoon that I used to watch with my sisters). Please keep in mind that it’s very late at this point… and just about everything is funny when it’s late. My friend Christy, starts singing the theme song and I immediately join in! Oh what wonderful memories – too bad that cartoon is long gone. Or is it?? :) Within seconds, John has found the cartoon on youtube. So there sit four adults, late at night, mesmerized by a Disney cartoon and thoroughly enjoying re-living our childhood. (Well at least Christy and I were.) You gotta love the information super highway.

Here’s Lambert if you wanna see him! (My sisters are going to love this.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The ROI on Friendship

I thank God for my friends. I mean that sincerely... and literally. A common part of my thanksgiving to God lately(in addition to the gifts of my savior Jesus Christ, my amazing husband and my incredible family) has been thanking Him for my precious friends. I think I've always been pretty mindful of the gift of friendship in my life. But enduring a season of lack, always makes us so much more appreciative of what we have.

Over a year ago, I can remember being absolutely heartbroken over the lack of real friendship and community in our lives. We'd been living in Colorado for awhile and even though I still had my friends back home, we needed friends here - and it was just plain not happening. There were so many attempts made to try and connect but almost always, I came up empty-handed. I won't go into a ton of detail, but that time was incredibly hard for me. Each failed attempt, increased the difficulty of trying again... exponentially. But God saw my heart and knew my desires... He also knew what was ahead. His grace gave me the courage to keep at it and eventually come across the wonderful friendships He had waiting for John and I. And I'm not sure I could possibly appreciate them any more than I do right now.

I wonder how many people are wanting real friendship but the difficulty of trying yet again, is just too much. Real friendship... community... belonging - it costs something. It involves a very real risk of rejection and requires a very real level of vulnerability. But here's the thing - that's true of all worthwhile love. Real friendship and community comes at a cost - because it truly has such a high value. It's an investment that is worth it's return.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tis' the Season

Is anyone else watching way TOO MUCH TV??  There are so many shows on that I just can't miss!  There's 24 (oh my gosh - Bill Buchanan - are you serious?), Jon and Kate Plus 8 (those kids are ridiculously cute... they crack me up!), The Biggest Loser (this show makes me want to get off the couch and go to the gym), American Idol (Anoop is awesome, but my vote is for Allison!), The Office (Michael in that Willy Wonka outfit was hysterical), Saturday Night Live (I think Kristin Wiig is a genius) and Burn Notice (um, Michael is in the middle of the OCEAN!).  And those are just shows that I absolutely CANNOT miss.  How pathetic!  At least we get together with friends to watch a few of these shows each week - so I'm working in a little social interaction to make myself feel better.  :)

It's a good thing summer is coming... I need rerun season to arrive so I can get some stuff done!

(As promised, here are some pics of my lil' pumpkin - Emily!  These are the newborn pictures they took at the hospital - how cute!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lost Generation

Another cool video that John showed me...