Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Time

We went to the pumpkin patch this year with some dear friends, the Tisthammers. The weather was perfectly Fall-y and we all had so much fun! Their oldest girl, Harper is right in between Kate and Brooke and they all play super well together. Baby Hayden and Baby Johnny are 6 months apart but I'm sure they'll jump right in soon enough  =)

Kate, Harper & Brooke
The sweet little Tisthammer Family

Bowling! While Baby Hayden looks on

Kate getting a workout
I think Brooke attempted to pick up every pumpkin she walked by

Happy Fall!

Welcome Baby Johnny

As most of you know, John Hamilton Shaida IV is here! Johnny was born on 9/27 at 7:30pm, weighing 8lbs 2.5 oz and measuring 20.25" long. I was induced at 11:15 that morning and after progressing slowly but surely all day, I pushed just one time (crazy!) and he was here - and absolutely perfect...

Heading to the hospital

He's here!

We thought it would take Johnny much longer to arrive, so the girls were already at home in their pjs! But then he came super fast... so Gramma bought them back, excited to meet brother and give them his gifts (stuffed elephant and lion)   =)
Grandpa and MorMor Shaida

Gramma Holm
Getting ready to go home!