Sunday, March 24, 2013

Soooo Big!

Our little girl is starting to be not-so-little anymore!  She's isn't walking just yet, but she's pulling herself up onto anything she can.  So I'm thinkin it's right around the corner... 

It WAS safe to put things on our 2nd step that we wanted out of Kate's reach.  Not anymore!

Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Months Old

Well we're in double digits... 10 months old!  It's sad that Kate's not a little baby anymore, but she is sooo much fun now!  It's a good pay-off.  :)

At 10 Months Old, Kate:
  • is pulling herself up on furniture, stairs, cupboards, etc
  • hears the basement door, dishwasher door, or refrigerator door open... and darts over to try and get in
  • is crazy about books - loves us reading them to her, or just sitting and looking through them herself
  • is still playing for awhile when we put her down for a nap (a favorite "game" of hers is to take out her pacifier and push it through the bumper pad... through the crib slats... causing it to the fall to the floor.  I recently pulled her crib away from the wall and found 3 missing pacis)
  • loves most foods we've tried, with the exception of broccoli and anything with lots of cinnamon 
  • is learning how to use a sippy cup... and not drink it so fast that she chokes!
  • got THREE new teeth this month! One more on the bottom - making 4 - and finally, her 2 on the top 
  • is growing lots!  Not sure of her current measurements since we don't have another checkup until 12 months - but she's definitely getting bigger

Laying still for these pics, may be a thing of the past
I got it! 
Did you need this letter, Mom?

My little Target buddy!  (Sporting her "I Heart Auntie" shirt - which is very appropriate since all 4 of her aunties love Target as much as Mommy does)