Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 Months Old

At 6 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • Does lots and lots of squealing and jabbering
  • Has started solid food and is always trying to help mommy with the spoon
  • Loves being entertained by his sisters, and even joins in on their dance parties now!
  • Is still such a happy boy - except when these stubborn teeth that are trying to come through, bother him
  • Is pushing up on his arms... I know crawling will be right around the corner (probably sooner than Mommy wants)
  • Weighs 15.5 lbs

Wonder who destroyed this table paper?

Sweet little turtle bib from Aunt Audrey

We came downstairs on a Sunday morning to find the big sisters singing to Johnny

I'll help you, Mommy

Silly boy 

Family dance party!