Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stomach Bug

Kate got the stomach flu bad last month... our first experience with a vomiting child.  I didn't handle it so well  :(   My sisters assured me that it does get easier!  At one point in the middle of the night, I was holding Kate while she was puking (for the 3rd time)... and I'M sitting there crying, so John's trying to console me.  (Don't I sound like a first-time mom?)

I decided to spend the night in Kate's -not very big- room on an air mattress.  This is how I found Kate when I woke up the next morning... and yes, she's definitely asleep in this pose.

Note the missing bumper pad.  It came off in bedding change 1 of 4, during the evening. 
Not in the mood for toys, but Dora works
Snuggled up with some good books

Catching Up

We're having a great summer with our walking, chattering, busy little girl!  Looking through pictures, I realized I bunch a ton of random ones.  Thought I'd catch up with some shots over the last couple months...

Someone must need a trash bag.
DADDY'S IDEA! (I immediately removed the dull knife after we got this pic)
Enjoying our first cookie from the Target bakery lady
Brushing her ten (TEN!!) teeth
She loves it when mommy tells her no
In a big girl car seat now!
Thankfully my big girl still loves to snuggle with her mama