Friday, February 27, 2015

Lollipop Trip

These pics are from a few months ago, but I still wanted to post them! Kate had been going potty on the toliet for quite awhile, but poopy was a struggle sometimes. We'd have to negotiate with her a bit =)   So we started awarding her coins to put in her piggy bank upon each successful attempt. She was saving them up to buy a big lollipop - an idea she got from one of her Berenstain Bears books =)   So once we'd saved some up, we decided to take her out to buy her lollipop we her very own money! The below pictures captured our outing...

Picking out just the right one

I'd like to buy this please!

Her "paper that says i buyed it"

Oh what joy!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

1 Month Old!

At 1 Month Old, Brooke:
  • is a very content baby - basically only cries when she's hungry
  • loves her swing
  • hates baths
  • has a frequent look of a furrowed brow - not unhappy, just very serious  =)
  • sleeps really well during the night - just up once to eat and then right back to sleep
  • weighs 9.7 lbs and is 22 inches long
Superhero pose!

and here's the furrowed brow

Brooke's First Weeks

Here's some moments of our first couple weeks with Brooke!  We are all completely in love with her and think she's the perfect addition to our family.  Even though that addition means a little less sleep and a little more work, we feel so very blessed by her...

Here's our first Sunday going to church with Brooke... the girls are in matching dresses and I wanted to take a quick picture of them!  Even though Brooke was starving, I figured surely I could snap a pic before she got too upset.  I was wrong.  The below is the best picture I got   =)

Brooke's first walk!  We had a nice-weather-for-January day and took advantage of it... although Mommy bundled Brooke up so well you can't really see her:

Kate helped Daddy give Brooke her first bath - she's such a good helper!  She was sure that Daddy would need a bowl of water stirred up for the bath - hence the red bowl & spatula:

Brooke got pretty loud, so Kate had to cover her ears:

Getting Brooke warm!

Great job team  =)