Saturday, March 25, 2017


I just realized I hadn't posted pictures from Christmas in Kansas!! Sooooo here's a little Christmas in April...    =)

Watching Christmas movies (on the ENORMOUS stuffed animals from Uncle Robert) 

Have you ever seen a cuter cowboy and cowgirl?

Going to see Christmas lights!

Christmastime can be pretty exhausting

Gingerbread houses...

and lots and lots of cookies to make (and eat)

Going to church on Christmas Eve

MorMor reading The Christmas Story

Brooke helping herself to one of Johnny's presents   =)

Ready for a rainy day

Christmas Morning present from Santa!

More interested in mommy than his Santa presents     =)

Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Months Old

At 5 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • Sleeps like a big boy! He's in his cradle both at naptime and at night, and falls asleep on his own
  • Has strawberry blonde hair now - the dark is all gone
  • Rolls over like a pro, and moves all around
  • Holds his bottle on his own, occasionally falling asleep  =)  (see below)
  • Has such an adorable giggle - he can be fussing in his bed and I come to pick him up and he'll start giggling 
  • Only takes a paci when it's time to sleep, and even then just kinda chews on it

Thursday, March 2, 2017

4 Months Old

At 4 Months Old, Johnny:
  • Doesn't nap as well in his swing anymore... he used to sleep through anything! Now, if there's fun going on around him he wants to be awake 
  • Is so kissable! I feel like I kiss him alllll day long... and he has this smirk when I do it now that seems to say "oh mom, come on"
  • Is trying to master rolling over 
  • Does lots of drooling... those teeth must be moving down 
  • Adores his sisters - he loves when they read or sing to him
  • Weighs 13.3 lbs and is 24 inches long - which is pretty small for his age