Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

In a nice, timely fashion... Happy Easter from the Shaidas  =) 

We had lovely, low-key day.  Some of our friends came over for dinner and we did an indoor egg hunt for the kids.  Kate set off ok... 

But once John opened an egg to show her the snacks inside...

She was super content letting Robbin and Ian continue the hunt while she snacked  =)

After dinner fun  =)

Kate's Birthday - Part Two!

The week after Kate's birthday, my parents came out for a visit, so of course we had another celebration with them!   =)   More super fun things to open and enjoy... including an absolutely darling apron that Aunt Vicki made out of a antique dishtowel! 

Kate had lots of fun entertaining Grandma and Papa while they were here.  It's a full-time job, you know!
Playing with the turtle maze Papa made
Coloring with Grandma (note the stickers adorning her shirt)
Papa's computer also got hit by sticker patrol
On a walk (with our purse, just in case we need to buy something)

We also made a trip to the new Bass Pro Shop here.  I mostly suggested it for my dad, but I was surprised how kid-friendly it was!  Kate loved it.  

John showed Kate a pink rifle and she started using it like a putter.  He was proud.
Kate had to show Papa a boat she found, like his
Those fish gross me out... however Kate didn't mind them at all

Kate's Birthday

We were in Kansas with John's family over Kate's birthday, and got to celebrate with them!  We also got to see Aunt Addie (who's been on hospital bedrest with baby) which Kate loved.  She's a lil doctor these days, as you can see... 

Checking baby's heart   =)

Kate loved the hospital even more, once she discovered her own personal TV

Grandma Shaida (affectionately known as Mor-Mor) made Minnie Mouse pancakes on Kate's birthday!

Then we headed up to the hospital for Kate's "party"... where she opened lots of wonderful gifts and devoured Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Kate kept very busy during our visit, "helping" whoever might need some assistance:

Making cookies with Mor-Mor
Working in the garden
Helping Grandpa at work
Trying to leave with Uncle Grant