Monday, April 21, 2014

Growing Up

Our little girl is growing up into quite the little lady.  I'm amazed at all the things she imitates... being a good helper, loving her "babies", even getting some work done on mommy's computer  =)  

Rocking Minnie to sleep (mind you, Minnie is a hard plastic soap pump)
Changing baby doll's diaper
Giving kisses to snowman (who was built on a warm 70 degree day!)
Helping Daddy replace paper towels
Baking cookies (and not quite understanding the oven mitt purpose)
Working on Mommy's computer...
... and of course, making some business calls

The Sisters in Chicago

My sisters (the bestest girls on earth!) and I had a girls weekend in Chicago... filled with tons of laughs, lots of shopping, and plenty of yummy food.  

One of the yummy food highlights?  Sprinkles Cupcakes - for.sure.  We actually went on a guided cupcake tour around some downtown bakeries - which was super fun!  But Sprinkles Bakery put those other poor lil cupcakes to shame.  (Of course, I still gobbled them up tho.)   

Ready for our cupcake tour!
Crumbs Bake Shop!
"More" Bakery had savory flavors - a bacon cupcake with ranch frosting and a cherry tomato... yep.
Can you tell I was a lil excited??  The most perfect cupcake I've ever had. 
They even had an outdoor cupcake ATM - you know, when you just need a cupcake right now
Shopping at The Disney Store (Minnie wanted to say hi to Kate)

Missy whipping up a fake salad at Crate & Barrel
Looking cra-cra, posing with Lego Store girl 

Standing in the looooong line for a Chicago staple, Garrett's popcorn

At Corner Bakery - a Holm girls favorite!
A lil cup of wonderful
A big, huge thank you to the daddies who watched the kiddos for the sisters weekend!  John did such a great job with Kate.  Not only did he get her up and ready for church on Sunday, but he even pulled off an impressive ponytail! (And a lovely Doc McStuffins sticker accessory)