Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Catch-up Pictures

Kate's first trip to Build-A-Bear... meet Pinky S. Bear!
Cuddles with my girls (and my very pregnant belly)
8+ Months Pregnant (my only belly picture the whole pregnancy... whoops)
Daddy walking his beautiful girls into church
So fancy!
Reading the Bible "with glasses like Hoppy" (Great-Grandpa)

John & I celebrated our 10th anniversary on August 4th... and while we were in South Bend visiting my family, he set up a little surprise for me. He took me on an scavenger hunt to 10 different spots where we had special, significant memories (our first date, where he proposed, my home church we were married in, etc) all with clues to the next location. We ended up in downtown Chicago where he even had a overnight bag packed!! So so adorable and romantic  =) 

The exact spot where we first met! John was a freshman at Notre Dame and I was helping with the Young Adults group at church. I drove a van to 3 local colleges, picking students up for church. This was the driveway where we picked up the ND students, and where I met John for the very first time   =)
Love him to pieces!
So this wasn't one of the 10 locations, but since we were already in Chicago... might as well have breakfast at my favorite Corner Bakery

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