Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know Thanksgiving was "late" this year... but seriously - I'm convinced that time just plain didn't exist in between Thanksgiving and Christmas! We spent Thanksgiving week in Indiana with my family and then came home to get ready for Christmas at home in Colorado. Those preparations, combined with finishing our basement and moving Kate to a big-girl room, Christmas was here before we knew it! But it was such a fun-filled month... so many great memories have been stored up =)   Here's some moments from Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be following soon.

For some reason, I have virtually no pictures from actual Thanksgiving day - I guess I was just busy having too much fun! But here's a couple of Kate playing with her cousins, who she was SOOO excited be with:

But there was plenty of time the rest of week for getting pictures of fun moments... 

Dancing with Grandma

Calling PaPaw on the phone

We took some family pictures over the weekend and the kids did so great! Emily and Sydney helped Kate know exactly where to go =)

The girls are all BFFs which I absolutely love... 

Dancing to Frozen music!

Our little huggers

Watching Josh open his birthday presents

Time for cake! And silly faces of course

We love Annie!

We open Christmas gifts together during our trip... which inevitably means some toy assembly time

Josh helping Kate get her tricky high heels on (she got a complete Frozen Elsa costume from Aunt Missy!)

Cardboard box fabulously transformed into a fort (complete with inscribed names of each cousin by Emily)... Note that "Cat" is Kate =)

And to wind down the day... a Frozen movie night