Friday, August 26, 2016


Brooke is growing up so fast! She's still a bit small for her age, which may be why it's hard for me to believe she's 19 months. But she definitely acts her age - especially when trying to keep up with big sister and do everything SHE gets to do   =)   Brooke's always on the go, and is becoming quite the "entertainer" for our family...

Brooke's version of peek-a-boo... which always includes an uncovered eye because she can't stand not being able to see what's happening around her

Kate's 4th Birthday

Kate turned a very big 4 years old in April! My parents and John's mom came into town to help us celebrate. Unfortunately we had a freak blizzard as well, so our plans got rearranged a bit... but this sweet little girl didn't care. We had pink Disney Princess decorations, a cake AND cupcakes (Kate's favorite) and pizza with Crazy Bread (also Kate's favorite) - and she was in heaven  =)

The next day after the snow cleared a bit, we ventured out to Chuck E Cheese's with Kate's best friend, Mabry for some more birthday fun. It was the first time there for either of the girls, and needless to say they absolutely loved it!


Kate is a beautiful little girl inside and out... her sensitive and caring heart for others and the Lord, is a wonderful gift that God has blessed her with. John and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be her parents. We love you Kate!

Sisters and Best Friends Forever

As Brooke has gotten older, the girls are becoming closer and closer friends. I love seeing this relationship unfold because it reminds me of what I have with my sisters! I pray they are best of friends their entire lives... 

Mommy walked into Brooke's room one morning to find this reading session going on

Kate's typical pose for pictures is trying to keep Brooke still 

Craft time!

Playing at the library - one of our favorite things to do

Going to the pool - another favorite thing to do   =)

They loved watching Summer Olympics together - especially swimming and gymnastics (which meant there were lots of reenactments going on around our house)

Silly girls