Thursday, May 25, 2017

Birthday Girls

My sweet girls!! We had lots of fun celebrating Brooke's 2nd birthday in January and Kate's 5th birthday in April. It's pretty great that a fun cake, some balloons and party plates mean so much to kids  =)  

Brooke's "say cheeeeese" face
She was ecstatic about her Finding Dory party 

A Peppa Pig that's as big as she is!

Trying out her Minnie Mouse sleeping bag

And now it's time for bed... she's sucking her thumb, playing with her hair somewhere under her new Peppa 

A Trolls birthday party for a very important 5 year old!

Of course, it had to include a dance party... 

Add in some Trolls bingo...

and Pin the Hair on the Troll game... 

and these little girls had a ball!!  They were just too cute  =)

7 Months Old

At 7 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • sits up all on his own now
  • is doing more food and less bottles... he's a big fan of eating   =)
  • loves baths and splashes with both hands, full on the ENTIRE time
  • no longer likes being confined to his car seat or the Boppy chair... unless there's food coming
  • loves "chasing" his sisters with Daddy - just like Brooke used to do
  • is finally starting to scoot!

Getting hard to keep those letters away from him 
First Masters Golf Tournament with Daddy (& Hoppy)

What a big boy! (With very bendable ears...)

Posing with his "Johnny Tractor" from Aunt Bonnie  =)

A scary dinosaur chasing his sisters!

September 2015 - Brooke & Daddy chasing Kate