Monday, March 30, 2015

John and His Girls

I thought I loved John SO much before we had kids, but seeing him with our girls trumps all of that...

Being robots

So silly

Working with Kate (and Elsa)

Selfie!  (I think they look so much alike)

Our local mall is pretty lame and empty, but we were looking for something to do on a cold Saturday so we headed there for the play place.  Well every other parent in the city had the same idea because it was packed.  John looks at me and says with a boyish grin "can I take her on that train??"  

There's a little kiddie train that goes around the upper level... well, half the upper level, which means the ride is about 3 mins.  But that didn't matter one bit - Daddy and his girls loved it  =)  Even better was the fact that only 1 other person was on it, so they had free reign to 3 of the 4 cars.  And of course, Kate decided that they needed to try each one before they set out:

(Reminds me of this parade train ride... but with PaPaw as the conductor)  


Kate loves her little sister; she such a great helper!  And as Brooke's gotten older, I see her recognizing Kate and being entertained by her... which is just the cutest thing ever.  I think I'm gonna love having two girls  =)

"Reading" Brooke her Sophie book that she brought her at the hospital 

Getting her some toys... while being dressed up as Princess Elsa. You gotta multi-task!

Playing some tunes on her sax (Brooke was looooving it) 

My precious girls

2 Months Old!

At 2 Months Old, Brooke:

  • is discovering, recognizing her toys (see pic below)
  • still loves her swing
  • enjoys baths now
  • has changed her a frequent look of a furrowed brow to a huge smile! She's actually a super easy grin
  • sleeps "through the night" which means 11pm to 6am
  • weighs 10.9 lbs and is 23 inches long

Happy Girl 

"Hello Friends!" 

First Road Trip

We traveled to KS for Baby Grant's dedication, and it was Brooke's first road trip! She did really well - she's such a good baby. We had a great time being with the family and celebrating Baby Grant - what a precious miracle he is!

The 2 John Shaidas, walking into church with the girls

Dedicating this sweet boy to God

Look at that face!!

Play time with Grant Jr 

Snuggle time with MorMor

Music time with Grandpa

Ice Cream time with Uncle Grant