Friday, July 13, 2012

Special Delivery

John hit it out of the park with my birthday gift this year.  He got me an awesome, vintage travel bag that I saw LAST YEAR at a boutique in Denver and fell in love with.  I decided not to spend the money on it, but he apparently put it in his memory bank for later!  But that's only half of it.  How he presented it to me made me laugh & cry all at the same time...

"Happy Birthday, Mommy!"  I've never seen a birthday hat & noisemaker look so cute.   (And the stud beside them doesn't hurt either.....)
Please note that no babes were harmed in the filming of this presentation!  Kate's actually sitting on a rolled up towel inside the bag... but still only try this at your own risk  :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Months Old

Alright let's pretend that it's still June, ok? Let's pretend that it's not July 12th where my daughter's about to turn 3 months, and I'm just now posting her 2 month pictures, k? Thanks.

Wow, Kate is so much fun. John and I just love playing with her! I feel kinda silly talking like that because I know that I sound like one of 'those' parents... but apparently, now I am one of those. Oh well. :)

A 2 Months Old, Kate:
  • loves her birdie mobile, ceiling fans, mirrors, reading books, exploring (walking around the house) with Daddy, Mommy singing to her
  • hates Tummy Time
  • continues to be super alert - tracking with toys/books and interacting with us
  • has some ca-razy hair... headbands help calm things down a bit 
  • smiles at everyone, including strangers out in public that stop to talk to her
  • is an awesome traveler - had her first flight (to NJ) and slept the whole time!
  • weighs 10.5 lbs and is 23 inches long
Getting so big!  
I needed an excuse to get out this cutie hat (made by our friend Kristi) and sweet booties (made by Grandma Shaida) 

Look at that belly  :)