Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kate's 3rd Birthday

Kate had her birthday in April and LOVED being celebrated all day long!  We were in Kansas with John's family so they got to join in the fun... which meant getting to sing Happy Birthday to Kate, per her request, multiple times  =)   

MorMor gave her a birthday crown!

Picking our her donut at Krispy Kreme

...and telling the cashier that she's "3 now"!

She got to pick out lunch too... which meant McDonalds, of course 
(She looks SO old in this picture)

Then after work, she got to have her party - complete with Frozen decor

Admiring her "birthday table"

Lots of fun gifts!

Including her big girl Minnie bike

Uncle Grant sporting his Frozen crown - everyone was such a good sport and made Kate's birthday extra special

7 Months Old

At 7 Months Old, Brooke:
  • has started crawling! She's a sneaky little thing who loves to get her hands on anything she shouldn't have (see below pics!)
  • eats stage 2 baby food, but HATES mashed bananas - she makes awful faces & gags dramatically
  • smiles at Mommy constantly, and belly laughs for Daddy 
  • goes to sleep like a champ! She falls asleep on her own and doesn't even want to be rocked... which is convenient, but every once in awhile I try to cuddle her just cuz I want to - which doesn't really work  =)

She stole the "I"... I'm pretty sure there's a smirk behind her chewing on it 

Trying to get Kate's toy, which is usually a lot more funny to Brooke than it is Kate 

On her frequented route, into big sister's room!