Friday, August 25, 2017

10 Months Old

At 10 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • is walking along furniture... I have a feeling he's going to start walking sooner than his sisters did! 
  • likes lots of foods now - bananas, yogurt and green beans are favorites
  • loves dancing (aka bouncing up and down) anytime there's music on, which is frequently since his sisters love dancing too
  • got his first haircut! He did so great - I couldn't believe it. Except now he looks super grown up  =(
  • still has no teeth - poor guy
  • gives kisses, which mommy loves!! Especially since he's showing less interest in cuddling lately... sighhh

Getting so big!

He loves the water! We've spent lots of time at the pool this HOT summer 


Sitting very still!

So handsome (and about to fall asleep - it was nap time!)

Compliments of Daddy and his crazy posed pictures

If Johnny finishes his bottle and isn't ready to go to sleep, he'll toss it out of the crib and start fussing (not sure what he thinks that will get him??)...  here he is trying to shove it down between the crib & wall