Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kate's First Week

It was so fun capturing all these moments with her  :)

First outfit - lil' ladybug is dressed to leave the hospital
First car ride - headed home!
First time at home
(we had a sweet chalk drawing welcome on our driveway/sidewalk when we got home!  thanks to christyb and her cutie boys)   
Waiting for first doctor's appointment
Trying to stay warm and calm waiting for doctor (Kate HATES being naked)
First trip to Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :D
First bath
First family picture - John's fam is on the right, my parents are on the left... it was so great having all of us together for Kate's first week!
First walk
First church service - we were supposed to keep Kate out of crowds/germs for the first few days, so we had church at home Sunday morning.  We watched our service online with Kate - worshipping, praying and even taking communion together.  (This was my favorite "first")

Can't wait to have many more firsts with our sweet little girl...

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  1. I kind of feel like a trip to Target for the first time for any child is very important. :) Congratulations. She is adorable!