Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kate's First Photo Shoot

We had originally planned on having a friend come and take some pictures of us in our hospital room after Kate was born.  But then she was admitted to the NICU and taken from our room... and I just figured we wouldn't be able to do the pictures as planned.  But then the night before we were released, they let Kate stay with us in the room (still hooked up to oxygen) and I wondered if we should go ahead with the pictures.  I knew it wouldn't be quite what I had previously envisioned in my head... Kate had a tube in her nose and stickers on her face... and her tube was plugged in the wall with a short cord so we couldn't move around much.  But we could either deal with what we had, or just not take pics at all.  I called my sweet friend Kristen to see if she still could come by and sure enough, she was there bright and early Friday morning to take these precious shots for us.  Here's a few of my favorites...

Kristen shot that last pic without us knowing it.  She was finishing up with Kate... and I got pretty emotional as I was telling John that I was so thankful we went ahead and did the pictures.  That even though it wasn't exactly what I had originally planned, it was absolutely perfect.  I don't ever want to forget the incredible joy, and even the trying difficulty of that week.  Because through it all, we saw - yet again - the faithfulness of our loving God through the gift of our precious daughter.

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  1. I'm so glad you did them too. They will be precious treasure forever. I love baby Kate, but I especially love the last shot.