Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I've been asked to post some "belly pics".  I just can't quite get used to this.  People asking about my belly, wanting to see my belly, me taking pictures of my belly.... this is the thing you spend your life trying to hide with Spanx and flowy tops right??

Anyway, I'm being told I'll regret it later if I don't have pictures to show my belly growing.  Not actually sure that would happen to me, but just in case... here's a few pics.

Week 20:  Me with my sis, Cindi!  This was Thanksgiving and she was an adorable 9 months pregnant
Week 24:  At Christmas!
Week 27:  Starting my 3rd trimester and baby girl is a'poppin out


  1. Cute cute cute maternity top in your 27 week pic. You are a gorgeous preggo girl!

  2. Very cute!! You barley look pregnant!! So you need to put some more pics up!! Hehe!! I love preggo bellies they're adorable and yes LOVE that top at 27 wks!!