Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer

Summer has finally arrived in the Springs! We've had plenty of rain and some chilly days... but I think we're about done with the cold. We're getting ready for our first summer in our house and are already planning cookouts with friends and a neighborhood block party. :)

John decided we needed a deck in our backyard for our patio furniture... so he built one, of course! I'm so proud of him. He planned it out, went and bought all the materials and dug right in. It looks great and we're both really happy with it. We had our first lunch on the patio yesterday and ended up staying out there reading for hours. The weather was perfect - mid 70s and perfectly sunny - and Pikes Peak was behind us. I love Colorado!!

So while John was working so hard doing his first man-project of the summer, I felt the need to get out there and conquer my fear of gardening. What's the opposite color of green? Whatever it is - that's the color my thumbs are. I've had horrible luck planting things (actually the planting isn't so awful... it's the keeping them alive that I can't seem to do). But I decided I would try again, and this time actually water the plants and see if that would help. :) So I headed out to buy my flowers... picked out a bunch that I loved and was happy to see they all said "Annuals" so they'd come back each year! After all - that's what the word annual means, right? Apparently not.

I also decided to buy some herbs to plant... cilantro, parsley, rosemary and basil. I love cooking with fresh herbs. We'll see if I'll actually be able to grow enough of my own to cook with!

And here's some pics of the deck project... (Cody is a great friend, who came to give John a hand!)

And check out these little guys we just found under our deck! How cute are they?? I wanted to name them, but John says that would just make me sad when he has to "get rid of them". (He's just kidding. I hope.)

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  1. Those are the most adorable bunnies I ever saw!!!They look pretty young, so you shouldn't see too many more till next year. :) Your flowers are gorgeous; where did you plant the deck? I loved the Lambert video, too. I'd never seen it. See all the things my kids missed out on? Mom