Thursday, April 30, 2009


My blog is becoming an opportune place for me to shameless plug my family! Oh well - I don't mind at all. Especially today, because I really believe in this plug.

My uncle has a fantastic blog that I'd love you to check out - especially if you're in any sort of church ministry. Dave has been a small groups pastor for Willow Creek church in Chicago. He has a huge passion for community... he loves to see people in and outside of the church, connected and cared for.

Dave was recently laid off, along with many others at the church, due to economic issues. What's been so challenging to me is his outlook and attitude through all of this. He chooses to not only trust God in this season (which is hard enough to do), but to also reach out and encourage others in the midst of it. Here's a post showing just that...

(Thank you for encouraging us, Uncle Dave. Love you!)

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