Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is that?

I know subtitles can be annoying, and even though this video has them, it's definitely worth watching. It has a great and timely message. It's Father's Day and reminds me of how amazing my dad is. The patience of a man, fathering four girls has to be great - and my dad has it. And he has a love for "his girls" that's unlike anything else I've ever seen. I'm sure I haven't done everything right as a daughter - but one thing I do fully, is love my dad.

May we try to remember in every situation and in every relationship, to love one another with patience and grace.

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  1. I know your dad, and respect and admire him beyond words. Please don't tell him, though. It will negate the ridicule I have heaped on him for 25 years.