Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Like any other holiday, it's such a great time to be with family and friends. And yet, unlike any other holiday, Easter is so full of rememberance for me. A Savior who was without sin, took on my sin and died for me... so that I could have abundant life. The picture of that is so expansive and yet so intimate, all at the same time. Where would I be without my Jesus... He's my everything.

So for the holiday, we drove to Kansas to be with John's family. On the drive there, we had rain and then snow for hours... oh so fun. Driving home, we had rain and then snow once we got home. Lovely! However, the weather while we were actually there was beautiful - so that's a plus! We had a such great time with everyone. The guys did plenty of golfing, which left us girls time for shopping, baking together and just plain catching up.

Just one of the girls! Me with John's Aunt Patti, Grandma and Mom

Got these pics from my sisters. Looks like the boys had a fabulous Easter too! Geez... the adorable-ness is overwhelming me :)

Paul and Emily with Mommy and Daddy - all ready for church. And Paul with his easter basket - look at that face!!

Padrick in his adorable easter outfit complete with newsie hat. Then he's off to hunt for eggs!

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  1. You're such a doting aunt! My poor Xanga still has a date of January something... oh, how I miss it...
    You looked great, as always... love your hair! Miss you guys bunches!!!