Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Seriously. How great is the internet?? We’re sitting on our friends’ couch the other night and somehow the topic of Lambert the Sheepish Lion comes up (a cute Disney cartoon that I used to watch with my sisters). Please keep in mind that it’s very late at this point… and just about everything is funny when it’s late. My friend Christy, starts singing the theme song and I immediately join in! Oh what wonderful memories – too bad that cartoon is long gone. Or is it?? :) Within seconds, John has found the cartoon on youtube. So there sit four adults, late at night, mesmerized by a Disney cartoon and thoroughly enjoying re-living our childhood. (Well at least Christy and I were.) You gotta love the information super highway.

Here’s Lambert if you wanna see him! (My sisters are going to love this.)

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  1. John & Kelly: Kids will always be kids. Take my word for it. I am old but more kid fun as ever. I cannot even fatham someone my age being so stinking straight and somber. So boring. Luv ya much Arlene