Friday, November 3, 2017

Recap: Summer Road Trips

"Enjoying summer" took on a whole new meaning for me this year, knowing Kate would start full time Kindergarten in August. We took advantage and made several trips to Kansas and Indiana... a couple of them with me driving 3 kids, while Daddy stayed behind to work. It's awesome to be so close to Wichita now, it's just 2.5 hours. And even Indiana is a lot closer - 14 hours instead of 20, which makes a one-day trip possible. Our kids are such great travelers too, which helps a lot. (Although don't underestimate the power of fun snacks and movies)   =)

At the Fire Department for Grant Jr's birthday party
The kids loved it! Brooke was fine letting Kate spray that crazy hose though...
Smith helping Johnny work the Fire Truck
Grant loves his cousins!
Reading a very funny story...
Sweet girls
Grandpa always stops to play with whatever playset, game or toys are sprawled out on the table
Daddy looks very comfy
Brooke found the Batman mask... and isn't too sure about it
First time for sparklers! Holding them at a careful distance   =) 

And onto Indiana... Happy Birthday Paul!
Brooke imitating Paul with Johnny   =)
PaPaw getting some giggles 
Just 3 girls, out for a very important evening with Beauty and the Beast
Enjoying the lake! Kate was all about "driving" the boat this year
And Brooke finally loves the water now!
There's lots of pictures with Gramma swinging her babies here over the years
Plenty of room for everyone!
PaPaw loves his girls

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