Thursday, June 9, 2016


The holidays were kind of a blur - a wonderful, fun blur  =)  but they sure flew by.  Even though they're super late, I wanted to post a few of pictures I happened to grab amidst the blur.  

These sweet little girls of ours - they make everything so much more fun... what did we do before them??? I am so incredibly thankful for the memories we get to make with them and our families!

Happy Halloween from Strawberry Shortcake and her lil berry

My precious family... we went to Indiana for Thanksgiving and the night before we flew out, my parents had a house fire. Praise God they made it out ok, but their home and all their belongings had a lot of damage (they ended up being out of their house for 5+ months). It made of a chaotic, emotional holiday week - but one where we all hugged each other a little tighter, and enjoyed every moment a bit more. 

PaPaw playing pool with the girls at the hotel game room, where they stayed that first week

And Gramma playing foosball  =)

Thanksgiving Day which got relocated to my aunt & uncles's house! John enjoying sitting at the kids table

Brooke's First Thanksgiving, with her Annie

Before we knew it, it was time for Christmas!
Kate was SO excited to go see Santa, and loved every minute of it! She asked him for a Belle princess dress and glass slippers  =)   Brooke on the other hand?? Absolutely terrified... look at that face!

On to Kansas for Christmas! MorMor and Grandpa loved having all 3 grandkids there together...

MorMor reading everyone the Christmas Story... and Brooke listening not-so-patiently

Uncle Grant passing out gifts -note Kate's Belle princess dress  (This is the best picture I got of the kids opening their gifts... it's a lot harder to capture with multiples!)

Stockings on Christmas morning - complete with sleepy faces and Christmas jammies   =)

Brooke's sleepy pose - literally every time without fail, she sucks her left thumb and with her right hand plays with her hair.  She had a wonderful first Christmas  =)

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