Saturday, December 12, 2015

Catching Up: Summer Road Trip

We got to spend several weeks this summer with our families in Kansas and Indiana. It was such a great trip with lots of extra time for fun and memories!

In KS, we did everything from a wildlife zoo to cheering the guys on in a golf tournament... and lots of fun playing in between:

Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Daddy, Uncle Grant, and the kiddos!

Making cinnamon rolls with MorMor

Playing house with Grandpa

Brooke and Grant chatting it up

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

Feeding giraffes!

Being brave for Grant and petting the kangaroos

In IN, we got to celebrate Grandma and PaPaw's 50th anniversary - which was so special!! We also managed to fit in some lake time and plenty of fun with the cousins:

My precious mom and dad... in love for over 50 years!

Kate swimming like a fish... in the lake I grew up in =)

Hot afternoons call for DQ runs

Being silly with PaPaw

Padrick cuddling Brooke

Josh attempting to hold her!

Visiting Notre Dame where John went to school, and I met him for the first time ❤️

Showing Kate the golden dome, where she was convinced a beautiful princess lives

Out riding bikes on my parents road, admiring the country sunset

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