Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

We sure had fun preparing for Christmas this year! Kate was super excited about every little thing... the lights, our tree, her manger scene, Rudolph, candy canes (pronounced kahn-dee canes), all of it. Christmas with kiddos is a new, wonderful world  =)

Putting the star on our tree

Making sure everything is just right!

Grandma Shaida got us these glasses that make the lights look like snowflakes - Kate LOVED them

Supposed to be napping, but pretending to be Mary instead "oh hi baby Jesus, I'm your mommy!"

Our clubhouse put on a breakfast with Santa and we took Kate. They had a craft, storytime, breakfast and of course Santa! Kate did much better with him this year, compared to last year  =) 

A little unsure, but Santa starting talking "Frozen" and that helped a lot

Trying to be brave

She was thrilled to get a gift bag afterwards!!

Playing with her goodies 

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  1. oh. my. word...the glasses and mother mary! i can't even stand it!!!!!