Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcome Baby Grant

Continuing with some catch up  =)   

On May 19th, Kate's first cousin on the Shaida side was miraculously born at just 30 weeks (after momma had been on bedrest for over 3 months).  Grant Shaida Jr weighed just 2 lb 9 oz, when he was born, but was perfect in every way.  So many prayers had been spoken for this little one... God was so faithful to have answered each of them.

Meeting Baby Grant for the first time!
Such a precious boy

We got to spend some more time in KS in July, just in time for Baby Grant to be released from the hospital and come home.  He was welcomed with lots of arms ready to love on him!

On our way
Snuggle time
MorMor and her grandkids

Kate accessorizing Grandpa's look with some stickers
"Helping" MorMor water her flowers
Playing house
Watching Uncle Robert & Uncle Grant play soccer
So tall! 
Driving with Grandpa
It's like riding a bike...

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