Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vaca at the Lake

We spent a week at the lake again this summer with my family, and made lots more wonderful memories.  We had perfect weather all week and loved just being together!

These times always make my heart so full.  Watching Kate play all day and night with her cousins until she can barely keep her eyes open - only to wake up early the next morning because she doesn't want to miss anything  =)  It's the stuff vacations are made of...

Playing catch with Padrick

Joining the girls attacking Uncle John

Playing cards with Emily and Daddy

Em is quite the card shark

Hosting tea parties for Josh 

Front row seats to our very own Movie Night (Kate's aunties do it up right! This movie night was complete with movie tickets, play money & a concessions table)

Getting daring this year.. riding the see saw with Emily

Catching up on a little baseball 
Aunt Missy made a obstacle course for the kids  =)  
Kate loved it and didn't miss a beat

She didn't seem to love Smores however
Too. cute.

Fishing off PaPaw's boat is always a highlight...
... although Kate's content just going along for the rides
And maybe helping PaPaw drive a bit 
Hi Mom!

"I jus relaxin... like Mommy" 

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