Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kate's 1st Haircut

So I decided Kate needed a haircut... see the following evidence:


So yes, a haircut was definitely in order.  I'm not sure why I assumed that I could cut my baby's hair with no problem... but I did.  
This haircut post is a few weeks late partially because we were busy with the holidays, and partially because after Kate's haircut I was too embarrased with my handiwork to put pictures up.  :)
Here she is before!

In process (this is after my initial cuts... when I realized I had done a terrible thing. 
I had John make a bottle and lay her down so I could try and "fix" my mess)

Here she is after!

Alright fine... here's the haircut. But I'm not going to show you her right side. 

By now, Kate's hair has grown back so I can joke about the awful haircut I gave her.  And thankfully, she's cute with or without hair  :) 

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