Sunday, September 11, 2011

Work Christmas Party... and SURPRISE!

I work for an amazing organization... and with some incredible people.  I'm so blessed to love my job and the people I work with.  Every year, we have a great Christmas party.  Pete -the owner- takes us up to Denver and we go to an incredible restaurant for dinner and then out to a show.  Last year we went to see the Blue Man Group after dinner.  (This coming year is The Lion King!!)

John & I during dinner

So it's always a great night - but last year held quite the surprise for me.  As dinner was wrapping up, Pete announced that he was starting a new tradition.  He was going to award an Employee of the Year - someone who showed faithfulness, excellence and loyalty.  He went on to describe the person he had chosen to award for the year and then announced that it was me!  He showed a plaque that we'd display at the office and I remember thinking that it was so very thoughtful and awesome to be recognized like that.  Then he said that he and his wife, Kim would like to award me with a gift.  They gave me a cute, little scrapbook and asked me to read it out loud.  

Me reading the storybook
As I read the book out loud, I realized they were sending John and I on a all-expense paid cruise to the Bahamas!!  Of course I couldn't believe it, and got all emotional... shocked at such a generous gift.  As John sat there with a huge smile on his face, I could tell he had been in on all of this.  :)  

Me with Kim & Pete - the company owners


  1. Wow. I knew bits and pieces of that story, but not that you were employee of the year and the cruise was because of that! There is definitely something special about you. That's why I'm proud to call you my friend.

  2. Wow! You so deserve that! And, you look hot! ;)

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