Sunday, September 11, 2011


My husband.  He's the greatest.  Amidst a rough Friday at work, he emails me the below "invitation".  The background on this - Snooze (a breakfast spot up in Denver) has been on my list of to-dos for awhile.  I had heard it's a very cool, trendy, fun spot... with amazing breakfast food.  Additional note - breakfast is my favorite meal.  Doesn't really matter what time of the day it is, I'm ready for breakfast.  John?  Not so much.  In fact there's very little breakfast food he likes.  But that doesn't matter... he loves me, loves to make me happy... and a date to Snooze = Kelly very happy.   (And some shopping afterward?  Yeah that just seals the deal.  Gets no better.)  

First off, the restaurant looks awesome.  I walked in, just giddy.  :)  (The amazing complimentary coffee while you wait for a table, definitely added to the euphoria.  This coffee is amazing.  It's their house blend and it's unique to Snooze and from Guatemala.)  I didn't get any pics of the restaurant decor, so here are some just off their website.  So fun.  

Now onto the important stuff.  The food.  After much deliberation -and help from John- I decided to get 2 things so I could try more options.  :)  Had to take most of my sandwich/hash browns home - but that pancake, gobbled that bad boy all up.  They have incredibly delicious, creative pancake combinations.  You can get any of their pancakes as a side (just 1) or a entree (a plate of 3).  Which is genius because I'm gonna need to try all of the flavors at some point.

The "Sam I Am" Sandwich - soft pretzel roll w/ eggs, sausage, cheese & comes with a smoked cheddar hollandaise sauce for dipping.  Delectable.  Oh and toss in a side of their perfectly crusty hashbrowns.
I opted for the Red Velvet Pancake this time... which was a perfect choice.  It was topped with cream cheese frosting (cutely drizzled as the Snooze logo) and praline pecan syrup.  Are you kidding me?

Sigh... such a great experience.  I love Snooze.  And I love my husband for driving me up to Denver on a cold, snowy morning so I could go there.  It's prolly a good thing there's not one closer.

Didn't realize I was in the shot, but here I am outside the Snooze entrance - stuffed and happy.

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