Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8 Months Old

At 8 Months Old, Johnny: 
  • is full on crawling EVERYWHERE, and is super fast (how did that evolve so quickly??? it's like he went from scooting around to speed crawling in a few days)
  • passes up all of his toys, in search of anything that his sisters play with
  • doesn't really care for bottles much, unless it's time for bed - otherwise he just wants food
  • thinks Kate is hysterical - she doesn't have to try very hard to get him belly laughing 
  • is getting long! He hasn't had a checkup, so I don't know exactly how tall he is - but his feet are almost hanging out of his car seat

Look at him eyeing those letters   =) 
He's super fast... unless he gets stuck in this position
Those cute red cheeks! (And the cuties in the background, too)
First time swinging!

A very rare instance of falling asleep in Mommy's arms... and I loved every minute

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  1. Oh my heart!!! I miss you guys!!! He's getting SO BIG! and SO HANDSOME! my goodness! ♥♥♥♥