Friday, February 3, 2017


We had such a wonderful November filled with lots of family time (and Johnny introductions!)...

My sister Christi came out to visit, and meet Johnny for the first time - I think she had plans to sneak him home in her suitcase  =)

The morning of Johnny's dedication at church - which we were able to schedule while Christi and John's family were in town!

Next was a visit to Kansas to introduce Johnny to Smith (Grant and Addie's newest addition)

Smith checking Johnny out... they're only 9 days apart!

Older siblings Kate, Grant & Brooke all taking care of their "babies"

Grandpa story time with Brooke

MorMor cuddles, which apparently is the perfect occasion for a fancy dress-up hat

Then it was onto Indiana for Thanksgiving week! We celebrated being together back in my parents house... thanking God for his safety and faithfulness to us as a family (their house fire took place one year ago and made for a very different kind of Thanksgiving last year)

And everyone there got to meet Johnny! Including these sweet boys who are such good big cousins...

See what I mean?

Sydney loved Baby Johnny too

But it was probably PaPaw who got in the most cuddles  =)

Gramma stole him occasionally, and even got some grins!

Anybody else ever spend hours trying to get a stuck drone out of a tree???

Annie & I with the kiddos... I wasn't feeling good, so I spent lots of Thanksgiving Day resting on the couch  =(

Happy Thanksgiving!

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