Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fun with Friends

We've made some great memories this summer with our wonderful friends! Play dates, cookouts, bowling, first-time sleepovers... it's the stuff summer nights should be made of. 

Chasing chickens around Mr. Anthony's coop

Cuddled up for a movie with Emile & Ogden

Cookouts (and playoff basketball games) under the stars

Kate's first sleepover, with her BFF Mabry!

Brooke and Finely performing on stage  =)

Bowling with Small Group means a kid on one arm and a bowling ball in the other

Lots of yummy meals shared with friends - made complete with fits of giggles, plenty of noise and large messes


  1. Um, I think Kate's first sleep over was with us, thank you very much. :) :)
    She technically had a sleepover with Dustin and I in our room.

  2. Haha - you're exactly right! That was for John's birthday while we stayed in Denver. She was like a year old... in her little kitty pjs :)