Saturday, September 12, 2015

7 Months Old

At 7 Months Old, Brooke:
  • has started crawling! She's a sneaky little thing who loves to get her hands on anything she shouldn't have (see below pics!)
  • eats stage 2 baby food, but HATES mashed bananas - she makes awful faces & gags dramatically
  • smiles at Mommy constantly, and belly laughs for Daddy 
  • goes to sleep like a champ! She falls asleep on her own and doesn't even want to be rocked... which is convenient, but every once in awhile I try to cuddle her just cuz I want to - which doesn't really work  =)

She stole the "I"... I'm pretty sure there's a smirk behind her chewing on it 

Trying to get Kate's toy, which is usually a lot more funny to Brooke than it is Kate 

On her frequented route, into big sister's room!

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