Monday, November 24, 2014

Minnie Mouse

Kate was Minnie for Halloween, partially because she loves her, and partially because we already had all the items for a costume except the ears (thanks Grandma Shaida!) 

Kate was super excited about it and before Halloween, kept trying on the various pieces to practice being Minnie.  Well, the night comes and she gets dressed just fine - but then. Mommy had the audacity to paint a nose & eyelashes on her face!!  I kept trying to convince her it's just makeup like Mommy wears, but that didn't help.  There were lots and lots of tears...

Me trying to explain the trick or treating process - that since she's dressed up as Minnie (with her nose & eyelashes) we can go get candy!  (can you tell it didn't work?)

Daddy steps in. He gets some actual candy and explains the whole process again...

That did it!  The tears immediately stopped and Minnie was ready for trick-or-treating  =)

Oh what a little candy can do!  

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